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 » 05-09-2007: Superbus received its first tyres

05-09-2007: Superbus received its first tyres

Superbus received the first two tyres for the vehicle, which are specifically developed for the vehicle by Vredestein.


First set of Superbus tyres

From left to right: Joris Melkert, Antonia Terzi and Wubbo Ockels with the first set of Superbus tyres. 



The development of Superbus, being such a highly innovative concept, has stimulated developments in other areas. The Superbus tyres are a good example of these developments. Because of the weight and the cruising speed of Superbus, it is impossible to reach its goal with standard tyres. The standard tyres from trucks are capable of handling the weight, but cannot cope with the speed. On the other hand, the tyres that are developed for high speed cars cannot handle the weight. Therefore Vredestein has developed special tyres for Superbus.


The Superbus tyre has been developed with the dimension of a truck tyre but with the specifications of a sports-car tyre, as low rolling resistance is required for minimum energy consumption. 


Vredestein has carried out a considerable number of tests with Superbus tyres. In these tests, the speed, durability and rolling friction have been checked. During testing, a maximum speed of 340kph was reached, which was beyond the requirements of Superbus.