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 » 1-1-2011: New Year Stunt in Drachten, province of Friesland

1-1-2011: New Year Stunt in Drachten, province of Friesland

There is this tradition in the province of Friesland in the North of the Netherlands that local groups show on the first of January a special thing they have gotten/borrowed/stolen from somewehere else. This year the Frijsteat (Free State) Folgeren group from Drachten together with TU Delft put the Superbus on display.



Superbus was parked in the city center under the cover of darkness,



Superbus still covered until the tent above it was completed.



Finally on display, for the first time in Friesland.



There is also a tradition that the group addresses the object on display in conjunction with local political situation. This is done in the Frisian language. The translation reads:

The Free State looks into the future

At the same time at TU Delft they have thought it out

Look at this Superbus here

Dear Frisians, go for it



They also commented the local discussions on a railway connection:

The railway will become to expensive

The Free State is done with it by now

Therefore, we rang another bell

An that's why we have picked up Superbus



When the news got out that Superbus was in Drachten the Frisian population started queing up to see it. All day long there was a queu.



Many people also came by bike or by foot to see Superbus



While it's boss is looking at Superbus, this dog has other interests.



Old and new together.



Queing continued until after dark.



Luckily the Free State took care of some lighting. After the display Superbus safely turned home to Delft.