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 » 15-5-2012 Superbus receives license plate

15-5-2012 Superbus receives license plate

May 15th was a very special day for Superbus. After almost two years of testing on the track and on the road a license plate was issued. The testing was performed under the supervision of the Dutch Road Authorities (RDW). For this we had numerous meetings with their representatives.


Next to that we had to performs a large series of tests, both on components as well as on the complete vehicle. During the testing campaign we visited the test track of the RDW several times. There one of their test drivers sat behind the steering wheel and tested the vehicle himself.


Finally a two day test series in Valkenburg concluded their test program. After some additional testing by ourselves and the final reportening linked to that, it led the RDW to their final conlcusion that Superbus is worthy of an official Dutch license plate. Our license plate number has become BZ-XG-15.


It was an enourmous honour to us that the minister of Infrastructure and Environment, Mrs. Schulz-Van Hagen, came herself to hand over the license plate. The following pictures give an impression of that occasion. Of course the minister wanted to drive the vehicle herself as well. With many of the guests on board she drove the vehicle around.



















Her excellency the minister of Infrastructure and Environment is placing the license plate
































The licence plate number is BZ-XG-15



















After placing a license plate on the rear of the vehicle



















The minister took a seat behind the wheel of Superbus



















The media was well represented during this event



















Cruising along on the former airfield of Valkenburg



















Time for some interviews with the press