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 » 18-4-2011: Superbus visits Masdar City

18-4-2011: Superbus visits Masdar City

Superbus was invited to visit Masdar City. Masdar City is a fully sustainable city. The initiative for the development of the city was taken by the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company. It is located near the airport of the city of Abu Dhabi. The Superbus team was invited to come over and show Superbus. Therefore the team transported Superbus to Masdar City and put it on display at several locations in the city. The attention it got was beyond expectation. Apart from the local community a lot of press showed interest in the visit. Next to that a number of representatives of the Dutch embassy in Abu Dhabi was present.

The following movie made by Masdar city gives an overview:

The following pictures also give an impression of the day.



Superbus at the entrance of Masdar City



One of the most impressive facilities of Masdar City is its 10 MW Photo Voltaic power plant that takes care of all the electricity needed. Superbus near this PV power plant gave some unique photo opportinities for the press.



Of course Superbus made use of the possibility to charge its batteries with the electricity generated by the PV power plant.



Drs. Huib de Bliek, Counsellor and Deputy Head of the Mission at the Dutch Embassy in Abu Dhabi shows some details of Superbus.



Next to a large PV power plant Masdar City also houses a university, called the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. The building of the Masdar Institute has been designed by Norman Foster and shows some unique sustainable features. The building can be seen in the background.



This picture shows the representatives of the Dutch embassy and the local host, Mrs. Masara Al Ameri, MSc, B.Eng, PMP, Associate Director Urban Planning and Design of Masdar City. In the picture from left to right: Ahlam Gharbaoui (Embassy), Masara Al Ameri (MAsdar City), Antonia Terzi (Superbus), Huib de Bliek and Najat Ferchachi (Embassy). 



Security was well taken care of during the visit to Masdar City



Take a carefull look at the reflection in the sunglasses.....