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 » 6-4-2011: KLM Cargo airlifts Superbus to Dubai

6-4-2011: KLM Cargo airlifts Superbus to Dubai

The Union International de Transport Publique (UITP) invited Superbus to come to their World Congress and Exhibition in Dubai. For this Superbus needed to be airlifted to Dubai. KLM Cargo has been extremely generous in providing us with the necessary airlifting capacity in one of their Boeing 747 freighter aircraft. KLM Cargo is a World wide recognized specialist in airlifting outsize cargo and thereby one of the main players in the field. They consider airlifting outsize cargo a "sport". They definitely play in the world league of this type of sport.


The following pictures show you how Superbus was placed onboard the aircraft in the early morning of April 6th, just after sunrise.

Superbus arrives at the aircraft


In position in front of the aircraft


The Superbus needs to be lifted to a hight of 5 m to be able to enter the aircraft.


Although the loading took place shortly after 6 in the morning the Dutch press didn't want to miss this unique event.


Superbus is now at 5 m above the ground.


The aircraft is ready to "swallow" Superbus.


Superbus is now onbaord the aircraft.


Superbus on board the aircraft. It just fist underneath the upper deck of the aircraft.