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18-5-2014 Superbus inventor Wubbo Ockels passed away

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that the inventor of Superbus, prof.dr. Wubbo J. Ockels, passed away this morning. We will all miss him dearly. To remember his contribution to the Superbus project we have added some pictures that characterise him best.



After the first test drive with Superbus in Fall 2010 with Superbus Chief Vehicle Designer Antonia Terzi and Electrical Engineer Maarten Bakker.



Together with Richard Branson in Superbus, November 2011.



At the press conference where Superbus was presented to the Dutch press.

15-5-2012 Superbus receives license plate

May 15th was a very special day for Superbus. After almost two years of testing on the track and on the road a license plate was issued. The testing was performed under the supervision of the Dutch Road Authorities (RDW). For this we had numerous meetings with their representatives.


Next to that we had to performs a large series of tests, both on components as well as on the complete vehicle. During the testing campaign we visited the test track of the RDW several times. There one of their test drivers sat behind the steering wheel and tested the vehicle himself.


Finally a two day test series in Valkenburg concluded their test program. After some additional testing by ourselves and the final reportening linked to that, it led the RDW to their final conlcusion that Superbus is worthy of an official Dutch license plate. Our license plate number has become BZ-XG-15.


27-2-2012:Superbus driving in the snow

Early February we experienced one of the rare occasions in the Netherlands that there was some more or less serious snowfall. This was an unique opportunity to test the behaviour of Superbus in the snow. So we took the vehicle out for a spin and shoot some beautiful footage which you can see here:

Next to that we took the opportunity to test the functionality of the ABS. We had been testing that system in fall but for that we had to create artificial slipperyness on the test track. That took enourmous quantities of soap on slippery steel plates. Now we had the opportunity to test the system in a naturally slippery situation. As you can see the system performs as intended.

24-2-2012: Superbus on German and French TV

Recently Superbus has been featured on German and French television. The items can be reviewed here:

Spiegel TV Germany (in German) (starting from 3 min 50 sec)

France 2 (in French)

or in English:


24-11-2011: Superbus visits Groningen

Today Superbus visited the city of Groningen. Groningen is the city that Wubbo Ockels, the inventor of the Superbus concept, considers his home town. The website made an impression of the day including many pictures and a video:

RTV Noord made the following video coverage: made the following impresson:

22-11-2011: Superbus on CNN International

Today Superbus was featured in CNN International's program "On the Move"

15-11-2011: Richard Branson in Superbus

November 15th Sir Richard Branson visited the Netherlands. For that occasion he was driven from the airfield of Rotterdam to the city Centre by Superbus. The video in the link gives an impression of the journey. The Rotterdam police was very helpful in making this a success. The video was made by Multi Media Services of TU Delft.

24-10-2011: Superbus on Discovery Channel

Superbus was shown on Daily Planet of Discovery Channel. You can find the show on The Superbus feature starts at 7 min 20 sec.

8-10-2011: Superbus visits the national open day of the police and fire brigade

This Saturday Superbus visted the national open day of the police and the fire brigade. Suparbus was escorted by the police form its garage to the poice station and on the way back. A video impresson can be seen at:

7-8-2011: Superbus on the TT circuit of Assen

Sunday August 7th marked the day of the yearly racing event on the TT circuit of Assen in the Netherlands. This is an event that attracts over 60,000 persons. The day is filled with all kinds of automotive activities. There are many races scheduled, one can visit the paddock and some very special vehicles are displayed. Superbus was asked to perform the opening run at 10 AM. Later that day Superbus drove several laps. This gave the opportunity to take some passengers onboard to have them experience the smooth riding experience of Superbus. Down below you can find a photo impression of the day. A video impression (in Dutch) made by the local news agency can be found at:


Superbus passing the finish during the opening round can be seen here: