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9-12-2010: First Dutch Presentation of Superbus at the 2010 Miljonair Fair in Amsterdam

Superbus was first shown to the Dutch public at the 2010 Miljonair Fair in Amsterdam. More than 50,000 people came to see it.


22-09-2010: World unveiling of Superbus vehicle at the 63rd IAA Expo in Hannover



The Superbus vehicle has been unveiled!!



18-09-2010: First Test of Superbus vehicle at the Lelystad track


06-04-2010: Superbus bodywork has been painted midnight blue

The Superbus bodywork has been painted midnight blue and today the vehicle is ready to go back to Superbus Headqarter to proceed with assembly of the interior.

21-1-2010: Upholstery interior finished

Today the upholstery of the interior of Superbus was finished. Three persons from Estof Car in Portugal have been working 10 full days of 12 hour shifts to finish this job.

29-9-2009: Door buttons assembled and ready for use

Here's a picture of one of the stainless steel door buttons that will be placed in the interior of Superbus.

9-12-2009: Battery Box sent out for airflow testing

To test the airflow through the battery pack for Superbus, a test version of the battery pack has been built. In the picture you can see the battery pack with the cells inside.


18-11-2009: Glazing and body panels

The glazing and body panels have been attached to the chassis. Superbus now has its definitive shape.


20-03-2009: Post-curing the composite chassis in Lelystad

The carbon fiber chassis of Superbus has been cured in a large oven in Lelystad.

31-01-2009: Fourth test run in Lelystad

On the 31st of January 2009, the fourth and final test drive with the Superbus mule was carried out.