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Participate in the Superbus project

Superbus is a research programme directed towards the public transport of the future. On this website all information on the Superbus programme is dispalyed and kept up to date. You can contact us via the button "contact". Superbus is an investment in a Dutch product, The Netherlands will offer this product world wide. TU Delft challenges politics, companies and all of its students to take part in the Superbus programme.
In order to be able to realise the Superbus advanced technology will be applied. Aerospace technology in combination with Formula 1 technology will be used for the design of a light weight structure. Furthermore advanced aerodynamics will be used to create a low drag shape which is stable and controllable at high speeds. In order to achieve this the ASSET chair of prof. Wubbo Ockels (AeroSpace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology) has appointed dr. Antonia Terzi as the chief vehicle designer. She has been the chief aerodynamicist of the BMW-Williams Formula 1 team.
The Superbus will be driven by electric engines. In order to achieve comfort at high speeds an advanced progressive suspension system will be used. Next to that the vehicle will be equipped with advanced radar in order to scan the road several hundreds of metres ahead such that the vehicle can come to a timely stand still in case of emergency.
The environmental impact of the Superbus is much smaller than for instance a high speed train. This is because the energy consumption is much lower and the construction of the high speed infrastructure will cost less. According to prof. Ockels the Superbus will also have less impact on the landscape.


Superbus is a project for the travellers of the future. Todays students are these travellers of the future. This means that they now should be given the opportunity to take part in the development of their future transport. Therefore Superbus is a project aiming at students being performed by students. Students and teachers who would like to participate in the realisation of Superbus are cordially invited to contact us. We have plenty of opportunities for internships and thesis work for student at all levels. 



Students and teachers who would like to participate in Superbus can contact us via: mrs. N.O. Saaneh Phone: +31 (0)15 278 5176 Fax: +31 (0)15 278 3661 E-mail: 

Delft University of Technology Faculty of Aerospace Engineering ASSET chair Room 10.07 Kluyverweg 1 2629 HS Delft the Netherlands