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Research and development team
The research and development team is headed by the following three persons:
Prof.dr. Wubbo Ockels
First Dutchman in space and now full professor at TU Delft and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. At TU Delft he heads the ASSET chair (AeroSpace for Sustainable Engineering and Technology). Within the project he has the role of General Manager
Dr. ing. Antonia Terzi
Italian designer with a Formula 1 background. She used to be the chief aerodynamicist of the BMW-Williams Formula 1 team. Antonia holds the position of Chief Vehicle Designer. Next to that she is assistant professor in the ASSET chair.
Joris Melkert MSc
Aerospace engineer and now assistant professor in the ASSET chair. He has been involved in several aircraft development projects as well in the development of NUNA 3, the fastest solar car on earth. He is in charge of logistics and infrastructure matters.